African Love spells

The most common African Love spells are used for the following:

Love seems to be the most common form of spell asked for by people, then spells of protection – after that are spells for wealth and power. Love spells offered most commonly are as follows:

1: Love spells to bring him back   

2: Love spells to bring her back

3: Love spells to keep him from leaving

4: Love spells to keep her from leaving

5:  Spells To Undo Harm

Black magic spells needed for negative purposes are available from unscrupulous witch doctors and practitioners.

Due to the claimed strength of love spells, it is claimed that it is unlikely that your partner will leave you again, regardless of how they are treated by you.

In African Witchcraft and indeed any witchcraft there are no “ready made” love spells .You will need to consult with the practitioner directly. African witchcraft claims to use powerful love spells, incantations and conjurations.

African spells use a combination of African traditional medicine, spiritualism, psychic powers, rituals, native healing and spell casting. The African Spells are designed to suit the particular problem or ailment.

Sangomas and witch doctors claim to have received their skills from experiences and tradition passed down through the centuries from their forefathers. They deal with occult, mysticism and the paranormal. They claim they have divine powers that allow them to interact or connect to the forefathers and  ancestors, who are able to give guidance and enable you to change you life or destiny.

African Spells and African traditional healers sometimes claim contact with, and abilities to the following:

African traditional healing

Native Healing

Herbal medicine

The spirit world

The paranormal

Ancestral healing

African rituals

Psychic powers

Spells cover the following ailments and human problems


Is your love life falling apart?

Do you want your love to grow stronger?

Is your partner losing interest in you?

They say – It’s not too late to fix your love life. They offer solutions to take care of all your love life.

They claim to be able to strengthen bonds in all love relationships and marriage.

They claim to be able to create loyalty and everlasting love between couples.

They claim to be able to recover love and happiness when relationships break down.

They claim to be able to bring back your lost love.

They claim to be able to help you look for the best suitable partner when you can’t break the cycle of loneliness.

They claim to be able to help to keep your partner faithful and loyal to you.

They claim to be able to create everlasting love between couples.


Good health is essential to your well being. A healthy mind and body makes you more successful in life.

They claim to be able to offer general healing suited to your specific situation.

They claim to be able to help you tackle physical ailments and pain

They claim to be able to help with stress related illnesses, depression and fatigue.

They claim to be able to offer solutions for all kinds of sexual problems.


Do you want to keep your business at the top?

Do you want to obliterate your competitors?

They claim to be able to offer solutions that will keep your business growing from strength to strength. They claim that they can enable you to:

Increase your wealth tremendously
Attraction of clients for your business.
Success in all business undertakings and performance.
Counteract competition


They offer consultation for instant enlightenment on your earthly and spiritual journey. They say they can channel words of advice and wisdom for you from the ancestors and your spirit guides. They say that through their psychic powers they offer readings, predictions and wise counsel from your ancestors and forefathers through them – at a price.

They claim to be able to detect cases of ill luck, negative influences or dishonor toward the ancestors. They claim to be able to help get rid of bad and evil spirits that may attack you or your home. They claim to be able to prepare individualized concoctions for protection from individuals of evil intent.


They also claim to specialize in the following spells and powers:

–   Success and progress in work, jobs, job applications and promotions.
–   All kinds of legal issues, like divorce and inheritance cases.
–   Increasing the odds in winning lawsuits

Other voodoo and witchcraft spells include these:

–   All kinds of reconciliations.
–   Protection against enemies and diseases.
–   Development of intelligence.
–   Retaining a strong memory and increasing your learning ability.
–   Passing all kinds of exams
–   General protection and removal of bad spirits
–   Protection of your family and children.
–   Finding good everlasting friends.

While a belief in the ancestors and the spirit world is highly prevalent in Africa – some of these claims seem to be highly improbable – think twice before parting with you cash!

11 Responses to African Love spells

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  2. ozra says:

    my boyfriend of 7 years turn back on me like he doesn’t know me he has a wife but they live a part for 10 years. she find out about us and did curse on him and me he deoest care any more for me while he wants before to have me for ever and was trying to convinced his wife to get divorce but did not happened . for last 3 years she came in Canada from back home reside here but apart from he she left to go back about 6 months ago bottom line he is not interested any more to be with me. but I am inlove with him I cant move on how can I have him back for ever

  3. Luciana says:

    Hello, I am 38 y/o female. I have dated this man who has been emotionally damaged all his life by women. I tried to show him what unconditional love feels like, showed him what it feels like to have someone in his corner who cares for him and supports him. He has flipped back and forth with his feelings he tells me he cares for me that he thinks about us being together quite often and knows we will be good together. But recently he pushed me away out of no where. It was as if he was this person I don’t even know. I feel he is afraid of love and is running. But I’m love him so much and I want him back. I want to be in a committed, loving relationship with him. If you can help me please do. I’m so tired of being hurt time after time.

  4. bernadette says:

    Please I need advice!!,,,how can I know if my husband used a sangoma? I left him before and he admitted using one to make me take him back,,I left him again because he didn’t chance,,and took him back again,,I don’t feel myself something isn’t right,,please how will I know if he used black magic on me?,,

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